SO NOT FASHION: My Favorite Super Bowl Ad

Okay. You guys know that in addition to being fashion-obsessed, I love sports. So you know that I was glued to my TV watching the Super Bowl. The game was so exciting and I was so happy to see Green Bay win. But the ads were sucking big time. There were a few that I liked (most of the Doritos ads, the Chrysler 200 ad, the VW Beetle ad). Most of the commercials were terrible, especially What were they thinking?!?

But this adorable VW Passat commercial made me so weepy (not just because I have owned three Passats in the past and am totally loyal to VW). I just love seeing fathers step up and do something amazing for their kids. I got even weepier when I heard the story of this little darling, 6-year-old Max Page, who was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect at age four and has a pacemaker. I saw a brief piece of his post-Super Bowl ad interviews and he had the most profound take on his illness and life. He basically said that he knew that he was sick but "...what are you gonna do, you can just die..." Amen, Max. You fight the good fight. You made my day, Max. You inspired me to keep fighting the good fight and keep it moving.