ALL ACCESS FASHION @ TYSONS: Breakfast with Carmen Marc Valvo

I finally have stopped my world so that I can upload my photos from All Access Tysons from a few weeks ago. It was a fab event. You know I must really love a designer when I get up early on a Saturday morning (no soccer was on obviously!) to have breakfast with Carmen Marc Valvo who so graciously shared his latest collection with a few of us at Neiman Marcus.

He did not disappoint. He was hilarious. What a card. He told some fabulous stories, especially about dressing some really famous women (no name dropping here). With each dress, he gave us a look into his design mind. He talked about what inspired each one, why he chose particular colors and talked extensively about his love of fabrics. He mixed fabrics in a fabulous way. There were plenty of rich colors and brocade and beading and metallics interspersed asymmetrically. This man knows how to make a cocktail dress. Of course, the finale dress was one of his gorgeous wedding dresses. Loved it.

It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning.