FASHION GRAFFITI: What the Heck is Beauty 360?

A few weeks ago I attended a fab event, Uptown Girl VIP's Mocktini and Lashes. There were makeup applications and nail polishing going on as beauty advice was dispensed by resident experts. This was pretty typical. What was not typical was the fab location - Beauty 360 on Connecticut Avenue. What the heck is Beauty 360? Even though I had read the press release about this opening, I totally forgot. When I walked in, I was so taken by this beautiful place with its salon-like feel. It was simply gorgeous. Breezing by the wonderful cupcakes, I started walking around in awe. Such clean lines and modernity.

There was facial cleansers and age defying serums and eye gels and facial scrubs galore. Of course, there was makeup including top brands like Paula Dorf, Laura Geller, and Vincent Longo. As I got to the back, it was smelling so heavenly with all of the perfume options. Beauty 360 had everything. But as I walked full circle, some things were revealed.

Guess what? Beauty 360 is CVS!!!! Can you believe it? I remember reading about their new venture but had no idea how amazing the space would look. So if you haven't had a chance to swing by their store on Connecticut Avenue, I would suggest that you do.]

BTW, I am loving these amazing eyelashes by Pop Beauty.

Mocktini and Lashes