STYLE SPOTLIGHT: Want Sexy Shapewear To Channel Your Inner Betty Boop?

Thanks to Sassybax Founder & CEO Amanda Horan Kennedy for giving us girls something that will support us and make us feel like the little tigresses that we are. Launched in 2004, Kennedy introduced Sassybax to help women (like herself) with real bodies look slimmer, eliminate bra bulge and above all feel confident in their clothes! The Sassybax brand consists of the seamless Classic Collection, wardrobe-saving Accessories and the new, lingerie-inspired Pretty Collection. Classic pieces are sized S-2X (exact range varies by style) and Pretty pieces S-XL. Retailing from $18.00 - $118.00 in luxury retailers, boutiques and e-retailers throughout the U.S., including

Inner Betty Boop is an understatement. I have not been able to find shapewear that it as pretty and as sexy as this collection from Sassybax. You know that most shapewear resembles something very similar to what your grandmother wears. Not cute. Not sexy. I want to be able to throw my clothes off in an instant if the 'ol BF is looking particularly hot that night (or any night). With Sassybax, I am ready to roll. LOL