(Designers Tara Locklear, Sarah West and Lisette Fee)

Good friends and school mates at East Carolina University, Tara Locklear, Sara West, and Lisette Fee are truly the Trifecta. The three very talented jewelry designers held a trunk show in several places this weekend, including Caramel Boutique. I stopped by Caramel to get an up close look at their amazing pieces.

Tara Locklear found herself immersed in the skate board culture in North Carolina. So much so that she can look at the bottom of a skateboard and tell its whole life story. Now that's immersion. She take the boards that skaters have saved (skaters hardly ever let go of their boards, even if it is broken) and turn those boards into amazing pieces of jewelry. She also makes pieces from concrete and silver, as well as, ferrous and nonferrous enamels.

Sarah West knows LPs. You know, LPs! I know some of you may not be old enough to have owned a record player. Thanks goodness that I am and can totally appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into the jewelry that Sarah makes with LPs. But she doesn't just use the records for her designs, it is an experience. Sarah gets the records, listens to the records, holds listening parties in homage to the music (if warranted) before she ever starts her design process. She also makes gorgeous pieces made from steel. She actually was wearing this amazing steel bracelet when I was there and Tara was wearing her fabulous earrings.

Lisette Fee mixes materials that I would not have thought to pull together including Tagua nut and starfish feet or deer antlers and silver or bones. She uses bones in a variety of ways as not to waste any parts. Her bone and silver necklace was beyond fab.

If you are looking for jewelry that is unique and totally made from love with the highest quality of craftsmanship, Tara, Sarah and Lisette have a piece of jewelry for you! Visit their web sites and get to shopping!