STYLE SPOTLIGHT: BeautyFull Boutique + Full Figured Women = Fabulous!

Camille Leverett is on a mission. She is determined to help full figured women look fabulous and feel fabulous. That's just the way it should be.

I spent some time with Camille in her boutique, BeautyFull Boutique, in Old Town, Alexandria. It is the only plus size designer consignment shop in this area. The only one! Trust me, it is full of designer goodies. BeautyFull Boutique opened its doors last October out of Camille's frustration. "I attended all kinds of events and I had a hard time finding nice clothes to fit me," Leverett said. Forced to regularly shop in Miami, LA, Chicago, and NYC for plus size clothes, Camille knew that there had to be a better way.

Of course, there is always a better way. Especially since so many retailers have moved their plus size clothing online. Which is not helpful when you really want to touch and feel your clothes before you drop a boatload of money on that dress for a black-tie gala. To solve this problem, BeautyFull Boutique offers a range of work, casual and evening wear for sizes 14 and up. "I want to help those women who are transitioning in weight to find clothes to fit their current bodies while at the same time they can help other women by consigning those clothes that no longer fit," Camille added. Get new clothes, make some money or get a store credit. Sounds like a deal to me.

As I perused the racks, there were designer clothes everywhere. Camille prides herself on offering designers like Dana Buchman and Liz Claiborne who no longer have their own fashion lines but made quality apparel for full figured women (Liz Claiborne is now exclusively offered through J.C. Penney). "Women want to see beautiful clothes in their size," said Leverett. I feasted my eyes on Christian Dior and Jones New York and Tahari and Louis Ferand. All at fantastic prices. You know we love to find fab clothes at a fab price! But don't take my word for it. See for yourself. Drop by Beautyfull Boutique, 118 N. Fayette Street, Alexandria, VA.


  1. Consignment shops are not partitioned like a department store. It may take a little work to pull together an outfit.

  2. Know your size.

  3. You can find one-of-a-kind gems in a consignment shop.

  4. Consignment is an economical option for finding designer clothes and accessories.

  5. You can be your own personal stylist as you shop. Find what truly looks good on you without the pressure of a salesperson.

  6. Learn how to accessorize. You can take that black dress that you found to the next level with an amazing belt or a fabulous necklace (all available at BeautyFull Boutique).

  7. Ask for help. Not sure how to pull an outfit together, don't be afraid to ask Camille for help. She is thrilled to help.

  8. You can make money! Who doesn't love to make money. Learn more about how consignment really works at BeautyFull Boutique.

  9. Consignment is eco-friendly. You are recycling clothes that will truly be put to good use.

  10. Consignment gives you the opportunity to spread some joy. That outfit may no longer work for you, but someone else will love it!