STYLE SPOTLIGHT: How Intimacy {The Bra Experts} Changed My Life!

I have heard women say that finding the perfect bra is life changing. While I was just a little skeptical, I could see how it could be life changing. Like most women, I detest bras. All of that tugging and pulling and fighting with your straps. What a pain. Not to mention that 85% of all women are wearing the wrong bra size. I was without a doubt in that group.

Well, I am now a believer that the perfect bra in the right size will change your life. Last Friday, I was fortunate enough to meet Susan Nethero, co-Founder (with her husband) of Intimacy, The Bra Fit Stylists at their new store in Tysons Corner Center and have a bra fitting to see what all this fuss was about. Upon entering the store, I fell in love with the design (interior design freak). So girly but very stylish and modern. I loved the bra/panty combos on the walls. During my brief tour of the store, I learned that Intimacy carries the best of the best including Aubade, Chantelle, Marie Jo, Fauve, PrimaDonna, Hanky Panky and many more. Now I was getting giddy.

To make this experience a successful one, my bra fit specialist, Rebecca, took me into a dressing room to explain the process. "We do not use tape measures," she said. I was surprised to hear that. But Rebecca didn't need one. She has been thoroughly trained on how to make an assessment (you need to book an appointment with Rebecca to see why she doesn't need a tape measure). She asked me what size bra was I wearing and I told her it was a 34D. I was very proud of that combination since I spent most of my 20's almost as flat as a board. Thank God for my children. Those boys helped Mommy have a little sumthin' sumthin'. But I digress.

She assured me that I was a 32DD or 32E. "Huh," I said, "32!?!" I was bummed. That number "34" meant something to me. I was a big girl (even if only in my head). I quickly recovered when she walked back into the dressing room with some of the most gorgeous undergarments. Believe me, I LOVE LINGERIE. LOVE IT. So I was in heaven. This day was getting off to a fabu start. Not to mention that she totally nailed my size. I felt pretty good knowing that I was not way off the mark. But I will need to send all of my sad little bras packing.

Rebecca showed me the right way to put on your bra as well as how to check to make sure that it is fitted properly. She was extremely knowledgeable and personable. I love Rebecca. Even though she did give me the business about how I was caring for my undergarments. Shame on me... But I am a changed women!!! I will now make sure to take the time to wash all of my lingerie by hand (yes, I was using the washer and even more shamefully, the dryer). What can I say? I wear many, many hats in my world. I am lucky if I remember to put both earrings on. Again, I digress.

It was a fantastic experience. My new bras/panties fit perfectly and will help me to stand up straight, thank goodness. I feel so girly and sexy. I also bought a few pairs of Hanky Panky's boy shorts, available in an array of bright colors. Plus the lingerie bag (and lingerie wash) that Rebecca told me that had to leave the store with me or else... (based on my previous washer/dryer statement)

Ladies, you have to have this experience at least once in your life. It is truly life changing. When you do decide to do it, Intimacy is the place to go. Did you know that they will also make adjustments to your current bras?. Now, they are not miracle workers. Don't bring your worn out bras into their boutique and expect them to revive the dead. But they can adjust straps and make minor alterations to help with fit.

Reserve your bra fit makeover now (you can ask for Rebecca or one of their other wonderful bra fit specialists). Or visit their web site to learn more about what Intimacy can do for you. It will be worth it.

Inside the Tysons Corner Intimacy Store