PARTY DRESSES: 9 Fab Vintage Sequin Dresses

I love sequins. Sequin dresses are such an easy way to get dolled up. You only need to add a fab pair of earring and maybe a few beautiful bracelets and you are ready to go! I love vintage sequin dresses even more because these are truly one-of-a-kind finds. So you can be sure that you walk into the party and your chosen party dress is only on you. The Roberto Cavalli is my absolute fav.

Gold and Silver Vintage Roberto Cavalli Sequin Dress @ Tavin Shop

Green Oleg Cassini Sequin Dress @ Daffodil Vintage

Red and Black James Hogan Sequin Dress @ Good Eye Vintage

Blue Sequin Cocktail Dress @ Naked Vintage

Mermaid Fringe Sequin Dress @ Ms Charlie68 Vintage

Sequin and Wool Dress @ Tassels and Moore Vintage

Sheer Silk Beaded Sequin Dress @ Persephone Vintage

Avant Garde Sequin Dress @ More To Adore Vintage

Sequin Cocktail Dress @ Kuklas Karry Out