STYLE SPOTLIGHT: 7 Questions for Hugh & Crye's Pranav Vora

Hugh & Crye is a fab men's shirt line located here in DC. They believe that they have a call to action against ill-fitting readymade shirts, over priced custom tailored shirts, and unsustainable clothing and manufacturing practices with adverse environmental and social impact. I caught up with one of the founders, Pranav Vora to pick his brain with my 7 questions. Be on the lookout for new styles, new fabrics from Hugh & Crye in 2011!

  1. What made you start Hugh & Crye?
    Hugh & Crye was born out of natural curiosity. I couldn’t find shirts that fit me, and I always considered myself a pretty "average build" guy. I realized I wasn’t alone – there are lot of average, lean or even skinny guys out there! I set out to understand the problem of fit with men’s shirts – and why most brands get it wrong.

  2. Who do you want to buy your clothes?
    I think anyone that identifies with the brand, and of course the product. We’ve been getting a lot of women calling us lately. They are no doubt the influencers. Women understand fit better than men, they aren’t afraid of trying new things, and they have a magical ability to get guys to pay attention!

  3. What's been the hardest lesson that you have learned along the way?
    Communicating our approach to fit. As you know, we created a new-to-world sizing system based on body types. For our target guy, I can confidently say that our shirts will fit him better than anything else in the market. But, guys have to be willing to give us a shot. Once they get it, they’re usually very very happy in our product. The lesson is this: you can have the best product in the world, but if you can’t communicate that to the end customer, it’s all for nothing! We’re constantly learning, improving in this area.

  4. Which five items should every man own to enhance his personal style?

  5. Five shirts, available at
    • The tall collar – No matter the shape of your face, every guy could use a tall collar shirt. It adds a bit of gravitas to any situation. Recommended: Industry Night, Checking In, Girlfriend Shirt.

    • The tall button-down – Easy like Sunday morning. Benefits of the tall collar, but casual ease that you pairs well with denim. Recommended: Sunday Best, Cartesia.

    • The rounded collar – Awaken your inner artist. Rounded collars add a bit of history, compassion and humility to any outfit. Recommended: Stripes Templar, Lavendario.

    • The point collar – Think early 1960s classic. Recommended: School Night, Teddy.

    • The small button down – A more forward button down, when a t-shirt just won’t do. Recommended: Salutations, Grape Drink.

  6. Who is your style icon(s) and why?
    Fathers and Grandfathers everywhere. They understand the importance of looking your best every day.

  7. Describe your personal style?
    Beneath the surface. I like the backstory of every piece, and happy to share it with anyone that asks. I’ll rarely wear something that will make head’s turn. To me, that’s best left to women

  8. What can you not live without?
    Milk. It’s delicious.