STYLE SPOTLIGHT: 7 Questions for Maggy Francois. She Really Knows Fashion

Maggy Francois knows a thing or two about fashion design. As Fashion Design Director at West Potomac Academy Project Stitch Studio, she teachers high school students the fine art of garment construction, fashion design, fashion marketing and runway production. Maggy also runs her own Fashion Show Production Company, Maggy Francois, LLC. She is currently producing the Crystal Couture show being held this week in Crystal City. You can contact Maggy via Twitter, Facebook and her web site. So here are my 7 questions for the fashion diva.

  1. What are the most important lessons in fashion design education that you teach your students to help them be successful?

  2. Never give up and live you dream. Don’t limit yourself and think the industry is all about design. The industry is a 500 billion business so tap into it. Many people don't realize the plethora of jobs in the industry from Fashion lawyers, product development, spec designers, merchandiser, to fashion branding.

  3. Who is your favorite fashion designer and why?

  4. Oh my, Oh my. I really do not have one. I love them all and it is so hard to choose just one then it would me Marchesa. Their work and creativity speaks fashion. I love the use of bold and subtle colors, gravity-defying dresses, laser-cut fabrics, embroideries and use of fabrics. It's genius.

  5. Who do you think are the three most influential persons in the fashion industry and why?

  6. Anna Wintour, Editor-in-chief of Vogue. She is on Michelle Obama's guest list. Need I say more? If anyone ever gets a chance to meet her, all she has to make is one call and you are headed to a fab career.

    Marc Jacobs, Head designer of Marc Jacobs International. He quietly stepped on the scene and I love it. He is everywhere. And as creative director of Louis Vuitton, he’s single-handedly made that brand the most profitable of parent company LVMH’s fashion stable.

    Karl Lagerfeld known as the skinny man with big ideas. His runway shows are to die for. He is the only designer I know that can take architecture and fashion intertwines them into a breathtaking runway. I do not care about the clothes when I watch his show; I just want to see the runway. Many designers have learned a lot from Karl. He has been with Chanel for over 20 years, which is rare, and he continues to make Chanel one of the top fashion houses in the world.

  7. Who is your style icon(s) and why?

  8. My Mom. Although she is elderly right now and has lost her sense of style, lol. I tell her that all the time. My impeccable taste for fashion and grace comes from my mommy whom I praise daily for her providing me with strength and courage to face any challenges that comes my way. I wore dresses all the time growing up. Not sure when I started wearing pants. I think I was in high school when I started wearing slacks, jeans and sneakers in college. This could be the reason why I am dress obsessed ;-)

  9. Describe your personal style?

  10. My personal style is classic with a twist. I like classic trends too. I want to be able to wear my pieces 10 years from now so I do my best to stay away from overnight trends. I don’t have one favorite. I love all colors and mixing them together in interesting ways.

  11. What can't you live without?

  12. Shoes, shoes, shoes, dresses, dresses, dresses & ice, cream, ice, cream ;-)

  13. What's next for Project Stitch Studio?

  14. Currently the student’s are keeping me very busy. We go to NYC in a few months for Classroom in NYC. Fashion design students spend a three to four days in New York City where they get to meet the who's who's in the fashion industry. Class meeting places include fashion designer showrooms, magazine publications, marketing departments, museums, colleges/universities, and other facilities, in order to expose students to fashion-related and broader cultural venues available in New York City. Many of the students are unable to afford the trip so with help from fundraisers, private donors and Christine Brooks-Cropper of GWFCC we are able to make a whole lot of students happy ;-)