STYLE SPOTLIGHT: Apifeni = Your New Workout Gear

(Danielle Dobin, Dana Perino, one of the models, & Linda Erkeletian)

I really try to go to the gym regularly. But trust that I am in a pair of sweats and an oversized tee when I go. Most activewear defeats the purpose to me. I have not found anything that is comfortable and made from a fabric that breathes... I don't want to pass out. It is also killing me a little because even at the gym, I want to be stylish (it is already hard enough to try to be cute/stylish while you are sweating like a pig!!). So I was so excited to attend the Apifeni Launch last week at L2 Lounge (I am totally loving L2, by the way). I was curious to see if someone could revolutionize activewear.

So thanks to Danielle and Apifeni, a new day in stylish, modern, breathable activewear has arrived. I now know that I am not alone in my distaste for current activewear choices. That is the reason why Danielle started Apifeni. She could not find anything that worked for her. What she found was either "fugly" and not flattering or exposed body parts that we definitely don't want exposed in the gym!!! Ah, this woman knows my pain and the pain of thousands of women.

With Apifeni, Danielle has taken the best elements of activewear and shapewear and combined them to create the best fitting, most flattering and most comfortable activewear you have never had the pleasure of finding in real life. Home run. As the models walked around, everyone definitely stopped them to feel the fabrics and test the flexibility of the pieces to see if Danielle had truly solved those problems that we all face. Without a doubt, I can attest that she did.

There was the stylish and girly ruffled cami which is available in some fab colors including pink, turquoise and purple. As well as the sporty cami and the super chic flow cardigan. But my favorite things from the Apifeni collection (probably the favorites of all of the ladies in attendance) were the bottom pieces. Between the ultimate legging, the Diana pant and the vinyasa capri (my absolute fav), I was ecstatic. Why? Because the top of the bottoms starts right at the top of your rib cage. Yes, way past your waist!!!! No more pulling and tugging at your bottoms to keep them up. No more putting on a show for the person who is behind you on the treadmill!!! This is a must have in your workout wardrobe. Find out more about Apifeni and get your Apifeni Gear.

the ultimate legging

The Apifeni Collection