Fashion Graffiti: Heart of Haiti @ Macy's

There is truly hope for Haiti.

I attended a special reception at Macy's to support the artisans of Haiti whose collections are being sold at select Macy's stores throughout the United States. With the help of BRANDAID/HAITI and Fairwinds Trading, artisans and craftsmen around the world can earn a proper living through their sale of their wares. Fairwinds Trading previously worked with Macy's to sell a collections from Rwanda. So the organization didn't bat an eye to help those who lost their workspaces in the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

It was such a spirited event. There were many, many Haitian-Americans in attendance. You could feel the pride and spirit of Haiti reverberating throughout the room. I was extremely happy to learn that there was a group, the Haitian Roundtable, or HRT. The Haitian Roundtable is an organization comprised of civic minded Haitian Americans. Founding members are leaders and experts in a variety of sectors—banking, finance, government, investments, law, media, not-for-profit, politics and technology who are committed to civic engagement as well as philanthropic endeavors benefiting the island of Haiti, Haitian organizations and causes.

Peace quilter Sister Angela Belizaire spoke passionately about the devastating effect of the earthquake on her quality of life and her work. But it did not seem to have broken her spirit. I was inspired by her words. To top off the evening, the reigning queen of Haitian Song, Emeline Michel, filled Macy's with the song that makes your spirit dance and feel something. Haiti-Americans in attendance began dancing joyously. I know it brought them back to Haiti - the Haiti of their youth.

As I walked around to view what was available for sale, I couldn't decide on what I wanted. By the time that I did, someone else snapped it up. You move, you lose. But everything happens for a reason because I bought the most amazing owl figure. It sits on my nightstand. I wake up to it every morning and it is the last thing that I see at night. It reminds me to keep it moving and to stay true to myself. I guess you can say that it was a spiritual event for me too. Head down to Macy's downtown and see what's left because items were flying off the shelves. Through your purchases, artisans are able to feed their families, cloth and educate their children and walk with dignity where opportunities are rare.

Here are some images from the event. Enjoy.