Hot Child in the City: Pretty People VIntage vs. Annie Creamcheese

If DC is known for one thing, it's that the upscale consignment and vintage boutiques are killer.  I constantly try to bring "edgy" to Washington, and I can easily achieve that by shopping at places like Pretty People Vintage and Annie Creamcheese.  But which one "edges" out the other?  I took my Canon Rebel and styling skills to Alexandria and Georgetown to find out.

Pretty People Vintage is a true vintage shop.  Obviously they have a vintage inspired, current selection of clothes, but at least 80% of their stock is pure vintage (think cropped jackets from the 60s, strong shoulders from the 40s, and mesh from the 80s).  And the jewelry collection they have is the best I've seen around the District.  The best part?  Among everything in the store, you will be able to find a vintage inspired Rag & Bone shift dress, or a Missoni tunic straight from 1979.  Here are some looks I styled, putting the style of Pretty People Vintage into the completed outfits.

This patterned maxi dress is what summer in DC is all about.  Pair it with a fun necklace inspired by geometry, and you have an eye-opening look.

Want to feel like Barbra Streisand in "A Happening in Central Park?"  Look no further, because Pretty People has you covered.  Shiny crystals only help with this ultra flowey, nightgown-inspired look. 

Would Iris Apfel wear this?  Yes.  Would you wear it?  YES.

Say hello to the modern woman who wants to look rough and tough chic in this little black dress with a twist.  Sheerness + shortness = commotion in DC, which then = perfect show-stopper!


Toto, we aren't in 1956 anymore!  But we are in a world filled with vintage pieces to make you look like you are in 1956 (obviously in a good way).

David Bowie meets Cleopatra?  YES PLEASE.

Perfect for a disco boat ride on the potomac.

Did Valentino make this cropped jacket?  No, but it sure looks like it.  With the knotted Chanel pearls, the look is brunch and fancy-event ready.

Annie Creamcheese is my go-to for a loud jacket or shirt perfect for a night out.  While most of the clothes I've purchased aren't exactly true vintage, they are still beyond inspired from the 60s and 70s.  The store itself is divided into two sections, one for the high-end, designer side, and a cheaper section.  I actually find better pieces in the cheaper side, but the expensive side is still to-die-for.  Racks upon racks of Yves Saint Laurent haunt the store.  The accessory department is ideal for finding anything from chunky costume jewelry, ladylike bags from Dior and Chanel, or single strands of gold and silver necklaces.  Whatever you are trying to look for, you won't be let down if you are wanting loud and bold clothing.  Here's the looks I styled with an Annie Creamcheese flair.

Personal story alert!  About a month ago, I was the shop, and I saw this YSL ring.  It was $450.  I was completely shocked, because this is a current piece, sold at the YSL boutique in Chevy Chase for $200.  I asked the girl to ask the manager if it was correct, because I assured her there was a mistake.  Well there wasn't.  I said "screw that," and continued shopping.  Last week when I stopped by, it was at $200.  Moral of the story; RESEARCH.

To channel Angelina Jolie in this dress is not a problem.  To channel an attention seeker in the necklace is not a problem.  To wear this look, there is a problem.  People will try to rip it off you, since you'll be looking gorgeous.

Favorite look At ACC.  Just throw on bug-eye sunglasses and feel like a superstar in Georgetown.

DVF never fails at dressmaking.  Never fail at bad fashion sense with this dress.

Missoni themselves came into the store to add to their archives.  I would hope all you want to add this to your archives (AKA closet).

Gold sequin shorts and a loose blouse.  Need I say more?

Compare and contrast:
Best place for vintage clothing-Pretty People
Best place for a statement piece-Annie Creamcheese
Best place for one-of-a-kind piece-Pretty People
Best place for jewelry-Tie
Best place for a fun shopping experience-Annie Creamcheese
Best place for upscale consignment-Annie Creamcheese
Best pricing-Pretty People

            While I love both stores, when it boils down to it, I'm looking for cheap vintage.  Pretty People had that, and Annie Creamcheese didn't. ACC was way to overpriced, including their designer side.  I'm sorry but when you are selling a Missoni dress for $800 that was originally $800, you look ridiculous.  Don't get me wrong, PP was a little chaotic inside.  Jewelry was properly placed, just hard to find.

Overall winner for vintage clothing- PRETTY PEOPLE
Overall winner for vintage inspired clothing-ANNIE CREAMCHEESE


Cameron Guckert is a DC blogger who focuses on young designers and classic meets edgy designs.  You can check out his blog at The Style Corridor.